Sunday, September 14, 2014

Amelia Paiva's wedding on 8 September 1951

These are some of the photos of the wedding of Amelia Paiva and Sylvio Bertonha. Differently from North America & Europe, we who live in the Southern Hemisphere celebrate September as the beginning of Spring so brides choose September as the Wedding Month. 

Amelia & Sylvio got married on 8th September 1951 at Saint Anthony's church in Marília that was only half-finished.  

Amelia Paiva Bertonha on her wedding day. 
at Santo Antonio's.
Sylvio Bertonha & Amelia Paiva.
Sylvio tries to help the flower-girl who's looking somewhere else. The elegant Japanese lady on the right was married to Mr. Nakamura, a chemist proprietor on Rua São Luiz. Amelia's father comes right behind her. 
the flower girl has her own priorities.
As Saint Anthony's was being renovated the couple made their exit through a side door leading to Rua 9 de Julho. Amelia's father, Alvaro Simões de Paiva is on the left; uncle Egydio Bertonha is next; Sylvio. Filomena, Egydio's wife; Amelia, Sylvio's mother Guiomar Spanguero Zuppan Bertonha and Amelia Rosa Paiva, Amelia's mother. The flower-girl Maria Cristina Kobal is Amelia's cousin. 
Amelia and Sylvio, Hollywood style. 
at the photoghapher studio. Maria Cristina Kobal is the brave flower-girl.
the huge wedding cake was made by the wife of Alvaro Simões who was the pastor of the Presbyterian Church on Rua 4 de Abril.
The couple cut the cake. Solange Paiva is Amelia's niece & Carlinhos Chiappeta is the boy.
Sylvio's parents João and Guiomar Bertonha, 
Amelinha's parents & the happy couple.