Wednesday, February 28, 2018

more Marilia vintage houses

Avenida Santo Antonio, looking North probably mid-1940s; Rua Campos Salles on the right and Rua Paes Leme on the right.  

more ordinary Marilia citizens

Marcia Regina Braga's father in front of SENAI on Avenida Sampaio Vidal in 1954. 

Marisa Nardi poses with her domestic help the day she got married, some time in late 1950s. The wedding party was held at her house on Rua Pedro Alvares Cabral. The lady on the bride's right is Cida, who used to be known as Queen of Carnaval.
Lupercio Oliveira Terra at Tiro de Guerra in 1952. 

Monday, July 31, 2017

Rua Amazonas in the 1950s

Norma Pavarin posted some photos of herself and her siblings taken during her childhood in the 1950s at her house on Rua Amazonas, 604.

At Facebook she wrote: E por falar em reminiscencias... Rua Amazonas, 604. Ao lado, um pedacinho da casa de madeira, era a fabrica de sabão São Paulo, do sr. Antonio 'Saboeiro'. 

Rua Amazonas, Marilia, 1950s. 

Rua Amazonas, 604 in the early 1950s.
Rua Amazonas, 604; Norma says: 'Ao lado um pedacinho da casa de madeira do Sr. Antonio 'Saboeiro' - era a Fábrica de Sabão São Paulo. 

having a splash at the swimming pool at Parque Infantil Monteiro Lobato. 

Tuesday, June 20, 2017


By 1991, I used to visit Marilia pretty regularly. The railway line was still working. I made a point of always carrying my Nikkon camera and every time the train coming East-West or West-East stopped at Marilia's station I would go out in search of a photo opportunity. This is one of those times... this particular train came from the West and was bound for São Paulo... when I saw those kids so eager to be photographed I didn' think twice...

Monday, May 8, 2017

Prince & Princess Mikasa visit to Marilia June 1958

'O Estado de S.Paulo' 22 June 1958.
'OESP' 22 June 1958; OESP 24 June 1958.
'OESP' 24 June 1958.
OESP 24 June 1958.