Thursday, June 18, 2015

1950s scenes - Familia Godoy

Sergio Godoy & his grandmother watch a car caravan (probably welcoming some celebrity they went to fetch at the airport) from the balcony of his abode on top of Banco de S.Paulo on the corner of Rua 9 de Julho & Avenida S.Vidal, circa 1954. The cars are heading towards Avenida Sampaio Vidal.
My uncle Octavio Mamede's house on Rua 4 de Abrilo, 383 circa 1946; he was a dentist (Sergio Godoy).
1954 - side-entrance to my uncle Octavio Mamede's house on Rua 4 de Abril, where my cousins used to play ball. The wooden gate seen in the previous photo was exchanged for one made of iron surmounted with a concrete arch; Family sitting at the same place; from left to right: Guiomar (Quelú) with Beth and grandmother Rosaria; in the back Alexandre, Fernando, tia Conceição & Heloisa circa 1953. (Sergio Godoy).
my cousin Octavio Mamede Jr. ready to go to school in 1949; my older brother Roberto & myself at the Ginasium circa 1952.
Ruth Mamede de Godoy was a teacher in Marilia for many a year; on the right Ruth is seen organizing students who marched on the 7 of September 1947 Independence Day Parade; Ruth was pregant at the time; I would be born soon after (Sergio Godoy).  
my mother Ruth & myself in front of a palm-tree having the gardens of Praça Maria Isabel on the background on 8 September 1948, the day I was christened at Sao Bento's by Monsignor Luiz Bicudo de Almeida; my older brother Roberto was my godfather and my sister Marlene my godmother.  
my father (Antonio Godoy) with me at the corner of Avenida & 9 de Julho in 1949; on the background is Banco de S.Paulo S/A which my father was the manager.
Mother & Myself at the Bank's door circa 1952 (Sergio Godoy); right: my brother Gastão Godoy who was 16 years old in 1952 upon the terrace of our house on the top of Banco de S.Paulo S/A. One can see the top of some houses on the opposite side of Rua 9 de Julho. 

Banco São Paulo S/A on the corner of Avenida Sampaio Vidal and Rua 9 de Julho which had trees on both sides - such a sight to see in the mid 1940s - Soon those trees would disappear forever.
Avenida Sampaio Vidal on a civic celebration...

same day, corner of Sampaio Vidal and Rua 9 de Julho. 
Sergio Godoy with his father (Antonio) & mother (Ruth Mamede) just across the Avenue from Banco de S.Paulo S/A at the 9th floor of Edificio Marilia during a wedding celebration in 1958. 
from left to right: my mum Ruth, my sister Marlene, my brother Roberto, brother Gastão on the horse back & father Antonio in our rural property around Marilia-SP in 1951.