Sunday, October 16, 2016

Dispute about a Marilia 1930s photo

Avenida Sampaio Vidal looking East with the 'Gothic façade' of the original Marilia Tennis Club in 1939.

This picture was published at daily 'Correio de Marilia' some time in the 1990s saying this Protestant church built on Avenida Sampaio Vidal some time in the early 1930s was turned into the Marilia Tennis Club. As we don't have any other proof that this is true I leave the matter open to speculation. 

I find it tremendously unlikely that a church that had just been built would surrender its hard fought place in the sun to a sporting club. It's hard to believe such story., 

Well, anyway I'm open to suggestions and eager to see more photos of the site if they're available. 

16 October 2016.

2 years later:

Everthing is open to interpretation. What happened here with this caption published by 'Correio de Marilia' is: 'A primeira sede do Marilia Tennis Club tinha fachada de uma igreja protestante...' 

When the newspaper printed this sentence: 'The first seat of Marilias Tennis Club HAD the façade of a Protestan church'... what they really meant was that the 'Tennis Club façade LOOKED LIKE a Protestan church'...

It didn't mean it HAD BEEN a Protestan church.

You see how devious the way one builds a sentence may be? 

Now, I could finally understand what the newspaper man meant in the first place...  

14 April 2017.

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