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Angela Maria was a new kind of popular singer when she appeared in the early 1950s. Differently from Emilinha Borba and Marlene, the reigning queens she had a powerful voice. Angela could really sing and she had a good repertoire too (which unfortunately she could not keep up with as the 1950s came to an end). 

Angela was on top of the heap when she visited Marilia in August 1956. She was the Queeen of Brazil, and the regal frocks she wore meant exactly that.  

Octavio Lignelli keeps Angela entertained at Hotel Lider's lobby.
Octavio gets the photo opportunity he wanted...
young singer Neusa Maria Martins poses with Queen Angela Maria; drummer Santucci looks on in the background.
Neusa Maria Martins is crowned 'Rainha do Radio' while MC Wilson Matos describes the scene to the myriads of Radio Club de Marilia's listeners at home. Amateur singer Sabonetão holds the shash saying 'Rainha do Radio de Marilia'. Courtesy: Neusa Velasco. 
Octavio Lignelli climbs down from the VASP plane while Ivon Cury greets some Mariliense and Angela Maria greets other Marilienses. 
Airport in Marilia - August 1956. 
Angela Maria's autograph to Octavio Lignelli - 4 August 1956.

25 October 1959 - by 1959 Angela Maria was so popular Cestas de Natal Amaral had a rubber-doll made in her honour alongside with Pelé's and Monteiro Lobato's Emilia's. 


  1. Caro Carlos, em meu Facebook das Cestas de Natal Amaral várias fotos da incrível Angela quando assinou o contrato de divulgação com as Cestas, ela com meu pai, nosso diretor presidente o Sr Raimundo Hernandez e outras mais.


    Rui Amaral Jr

    1. ...o Face das Cestas

    2. obrigado Rui Amaral Lemos pela informação... visitarei seu blog prontamente.