Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Octavio Lignelli & celebrities

Octavio Lignelli & the great Orlando Silva 
Octavio poses with Gilberto Alves - the shorter fellow - with an unidentified boy and man.

Ruth Amaral sings at Radio Club on 29 March 1948; Octavio in his birthday bash - 25 March 1952.
Lignelli with Nelson Gonçalves, Welman Cury & Fausto Canova (with his hand on Cury's shoulder). 
'Palhaços do mundo, uni-vos' - Lignelli with (?), Carequinha, Fred & Meio-Quilo. 
Octavio Lignelli with some Japanese unknown (to us) celebrities at the famous Radio Club's aquarium.

Paraguayan harp player Luis Bordon in 1960; Odyr Odillon in 1940.

This is NOT Marilia; you see that public telephone on the left? Marília did not have a public telephone until the 1970s; this is probably Radio Record in S.Paulo; from left to right: Almirante, Neyde Fraga, Roberto Vilar, Izaura Garcia, Ary Barroso & Geraldo Tassinari, a speaker of Radio Club de Marilia that eventually worked for Radio Bandeirantes in S.Paulo -  26 December 1956. 

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