Thursday, January 12, 2017

Baile do Algodão - 15 November 1952.

Marilia's high-society decided to throw a big party on 15 November 1952, after the farmers of the region had a bumper cotton crop. They called it the Cotton Ball and it was organized by the local Commercial Association to collect funds in favour of the Professional School for Women.

The President of the Brazilian Labour Party (PTB), Mr. João Goulart patronized the event throught the presence of Carmelia Alves, Francisco Carlos and Marion, from the cast of Radio Nacional from Rio de Janeiro and the dancer Celia de Souza Franco

Miss Shirley de Barros Baptista won the Cotton Queen Competition and Miss Yoshiko Senga was the runner up. Among those who worked hard for the event are the board of directors of the School for Women plus Mrs Ophelia Ribeiro, her husband Dr. Simão de Andrade Ribeiro and Neusa de Carvalho, who works as a teacher at the School. 

at Marilia airport as a VASP flight arrives from Sao Paulo or most likely Rio de Janeiro; from left to right: Ignez Montolar, non-identified lady in the background, Carmelia Alves, known as 'Queen of Baiao', Ophelia Paquete Ribeiro, Radio Club de Marília's Octavio Lignelli in the background and Marion: in the background a VASP's DC-3 plane.

Dr. Simão de Andrade Ribeiro & wife Ophelia Paquete Ribeiro with guests at their home in Marilia.
Dr. Simão de Andrade Ribeiro in his rural property. 

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