Thursday, August 16, 2012


Marilia's main street fotographed at night by Manuel Joaquim Pires.
Brasserie on Avenida Sampaio Vidal in the 1950s... Manoel Joaquim Pires was particular in getting the sleeked cobblestone pavement in perspective.
This series of night shots of a Marilia soaked with rain could well be out of 'Sweet smell of success'.
Mesbla at Christmas time... when Chrysler's Plymouths were common in Brazil...
Marilia's shopping district in December 1957...
Cine São Luiz at night...
somewhere on Rua Paraná in Marília-SP... this photo was published in a US magazine.
a Catholic procession on rua Paraná... the light of the candles gives this eerie atmosphere... 
Marilia's train yard in the late 1950s.

'Sweet smell of success' released coincidentally in 1957... the same year Manoel Joaquim Pires took these night-time shots of Marilia.
Manoel J. Pires took this colour night-time picture of Main Street (Avenida) circa 1962. If you strain your eyes you'll see 'King of Kings' (Rei dos Reis) an MGM production advertised at Cine Marilia. 

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